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GNU ARM C Compiler Preprocessor Symbols Define Sets preprocessor symbols which may be checked withif ifdef andifndef The defined names are copied exactly as.

AVR GNU C compiler Options; Option Preprocessor options nostdinc Do not search system directories F Preprocess only Symbols options: There one can define D.

The common predefined macros are GNU C file that was specified on the command line of the preprocessor , C compiler symbols visible to C code.

Options dialog for ARM Compiler 6 Preprocessor Symbols Define Set line optionDoption To define X2 C C Compiler C C AC6) Compiler GNU ARM C.

Gnu c compiler option preprocessor define symbols. 7 Running Preprocessor thus avoiding the necessity to define special symbols using symbol option cpp ccE' will run the C compiler as a preprocessor. Using the GNU Compiler CollectionGCC Preprocessor they appeared during translation phase three in a define effects of theC option

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