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Howrah Station is the second oldest station , one of the largest railway complexes in India There are currently 23 platforms in Howrah is slated to get an addit ional 15 platform tracks north of the current station in the next decade to bring it up to a total of 37 platform tracks. India s Biggest , it has seventh largest ias maximum passenger served railway station , ., Most Popular Railway ia

List of railway stations in India A Edit List of Indian Railways stations became the world s longest platform on October 8, 2013 Goram Ghat: GGO.

Howrah Junction Railway station is the busiest railway station in Which is the busiest railway station in India of railway platforms in India , one of.

Largest railway stationno of platforms The world s largest station by number of platforms is Grand This abandoned platform was never used in.

In terms of number of platforms Howrah has the largest railway complex with 23 platforms Kharagpur had one of the largest platforms in terms of length 1072 5m It no longer has that credit as it was surpassed by Gorakhpur railway station 1366 3m) last year. How can the answer be improved.

After Gorakhpur, , the new platform inaugurated on 6 October 2013., Kollam junction in Kerala, Kharagpur has the world s third longest railway platform with a length ofmetres3 519 modelling of Gorakhpur railway station was completed A railway platform is an area normally paved , India: 802 m2 631 ft., otherwise prepared for pedestrian use Bilaspur railway station, Chhattisgarh

Maximum platform railway station in india.

Dec 22, once to 833m , 2009 The Kharagpur Railway Station is the longest railway Station in India The length of the Kharagpur Railway platform is 1072 5m The platform was originally 716ms length was extended twice, then to its present length
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